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In a few minutes, you can help shape future Extension School courses.

Students are notified by e-mail when the evaluation period for their course opens, so please be sure your e-mail client will accept messages from evals@extension.harvard.edu

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How long does the evaluation take to complete?
The evaluation takes five to 15 minutes per course, depending on the detail of your answers. If you start the evaluation and find you don't have time to complete it, you can save your answers and log in to finish anytime until 11:59 pm on the last day of the evaluation period for your course. However, once you hit "submit," you may no longer edit your responses. View a sample course evaluation questionnaire

Are evaluations confidential?
Your answers are confidential. We will not share any identifying information with your instructor or teaching assistant, and we will not release the results to your instructor until he or she has submitted final grades to the registrar.

Why can’t I see my grade before I complete the evaluation?
We ask that you rate your experience, not your performance, in your class(es). As instructors cannot grade based on evaluations, we ask that you do not evaluate based on grades

Can I see evaluation results for other courses?
Numerical results are available in Enrollment Services at 51 Brattle Street. Extension School degree candidates have online access.

What kind of web browser do I need?
You will need to have the current version of Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari, or Google Chrome.

Course Evaluation Dates

September 22 to October 4

  • GOVT E-1796a

September 29 to October 11

  • MUSE E-120a

October 15 to November 1

  • LSTU E-123

October 20 to November 1

  • JOUR E-129

October 27 to November 8

  • MUSE E-136

November 3 to November 15

  • GOVT E-1756
  • LSTU E-109a
  • MUSE E-142

November 10 to November 22

  • ECON E-1826

November 17 to December 2

  • LSTU E-108a

November 24 to December 6

  • MUSE E-119

December 2 to December 20

  • All other fall courses

January 18 to January 28

  • All January 2020 courses