Admission & Application

Admission Eligibility

A cohort diverse in professional experience ensures that multiple viewpoints inform class discussion and transform student learning. Therefore, we welcome applicants from a variety of nonprofit and for-profit fields. Students admitted to this program have worked in finance, technology, government, education, health care, and the arts.

International students are eligible and encouraged to apply. We offer the I-20 certificate for the F-1 student visa for the six on-campus courses offered in the summer.

Eligibility requirements:

  • At least two years of undergraduate coursework (approximately 64 credits) completed by the time of application.
    • In addition, you may not be currently enrolled as a degree-seeking candidate at another institution.
  • No prior bachelor's or master's degree.
  • A minimum of eight years of full-time, paid, professional work experience, managing people or processes or serving in another type of leadership capacity.
  • No more than 12 credits of coursework completed at Harvard Extension School or Harvard Summer School prior to the time of application.
    • You are ineligible to apply if you have completed any of the following courses at Harvard Extension School:
      • Academic Writing and Critical Reading
      • Business Rhetoric
      • Public Speaking
      • Principles of Economics
      • Microeconomic Theory
      • Principles of Finance
      • Financial Accounting Principles

When to Apply in 2017

Applications are accepted and reviewed once a year, according to the schedule below:

  • October 1–November 1: Apply online and submit all supplementary materials.
  • November–February: Applications are reviewed.
  • March 1: Decision letters are sent.

In June 2018, admitted students begin the program by taking one online, seven-week Harvard Summer School course with their cohort (end of June to early August, twice a week, 6:30-9:30 PM, EST).

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Application Materials

We recommend you gather your materials and compose your statements a few months in advance of the application opening.

1. Online Application

The joint degree program application is available from October 1 to November 1, 2017. To access it, you will need a DCE ID.

2. Application Fee

A non-refundable $100 administrative processing fee is required at the time of application.

3. Video Personal Statement

Upload a two-minute video personal statement.

  • Explain your personal, academic, and/or professional reasons for pursuing this degree, highlighting a challenge in the workplace that compelled you to think creatively to arrive at a solution from which you gained insight.

4. Three Short Essays

Please respond in 250 words or fewer to each prompt below. Upload your essays to the online application.

  1. This program requires year-round, part-time study for four years. Describe how you expect to balance your personal, professional, and academic commitments throughout the academic year (September through May).

  2. Completion of this program will require you to attend Harvard Summer School on campus for three weeks in late June to early July after the first, second, and third year. Describe your plans to attend classes on campus for these summer sessions, addressing how you intend to manage accommodations, personal responsibilities, and work obligations, given that you cannot be working full time while taking the summer courses.

  3. Provide evidence from your professional experience that speaks to your potential contributions as a member of this academic cohort.

5. Letters of Recommendation and Support

While you will be a part of an encouraging academic cohort, we want to be assured that you have a support system outside it, as well. For this reason, we require letters of recommendation and support from two people in your life who champion your participation in this program:

  • One letter written on company letterhead from a professional colleague or recent employer or supervisor.
  • One letter from a spouse, family member, or friend.

You'll include the names and email addresses of these people in your online application; in turn, they will receive instructions on how to upload their letters directly to your application. You will not have letter-viewing privileges, but your online application checklist will indicate when their letters have been uploaded.

6. Professional Résumé

Upload your professional résumé to the online application. It should reflect a minimum of eight years of full-time, paid, professional work experience managing processes or people or serving in another type of leadership capacity.

7. Official Transcripts

Submit official transcripts from each university or college in which you have been enrolled for academic credit.

  • Contact the school(s) to send official transcripts electronically via Parchment to “Harvard Extension School Joint Degree Program.” You may also request the Registrar’s Office(s) of your previous school(s) to email official transcripts directly to or to your admissions advisor. They may also mail them directly via post to our office address noted at the bottom of this page.
  • We cannot accept transcripts sent electronically by the student or transcripts sent by students via post that are not in envelopes sealed by the college or university.
  • Transcripts should reflect approximately 64 semester-hour undergraduate credits completed at degree-granting colleges and universities that were regionally accredited during the time of your attendance. Harvard Extension School makes final decisions regarding transferrable credits.
  • You must have no financial obligations to any prior schools you've attended.

8. TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE Academic Scores

To fulfill the English proficiency requirement for degree programs, any applicant whose native language is not English must have the score from one of these tests sent directly from the testing service to the Harvard Extension School.

9. Evaluation of International Credits and Degrees

If you earned credits outside the United States, transcripts from those schools must be evaluated, with results sent directly by the agency to the Admissions Office. See our guidelines for verifying international credits.

10. Complete the CRWS Test and Academic Integrity Tutorials

Test of Critical Reading and Writing Skills

Login to online services and complete the test of critical reading and writing skills (CRWS). Refer to the CRWS test schedule for deadlines by which to take the test. These tests are graded manually and your result is sent to you via online services. Because results become part of your student record, Admissions Office staff can view them; therefore, you do not need to upload your result to your online application.

Academic Integrity Tutorials

Read our Tips to Avoid Plagiarism webpage and complete the two, free, online academic integrity tutorials mentioned there: Using Sources, Five Scenarios and Using Sources, Five Examples. These 10-minute tutorials were created to help you understand how to properly integrate and cite outside sources in your research papers. To take the tests, click the links, input your active email address, and work through the tutorials. The results will be sent to you via email. You do not need to upload them to your application, but you will be asked as part of the online application to attest to your completion of the tutorials.

Mailing Address for Application Materials

Use the address below when sending documents to the Admissions Office by post. If you, the applicant, must submit materials by mail, do not open envelopes addressed to you that contain official copies of documents generated by other sources (e.g., letters of recommendation and support, transcripts, test scores, transcript evaluations); instead, include them unopened in one larger envelope addressed to:

Joint Degree Program
Admissions Office
Harvard Extension School
51 Brattle Street
Cambridge, MA 02138