Once admitted, you need to register during the upcoming summer or fall term. If not, your admission will be rescinded and you'll need to re-apply to the program the following year.

Once you begin your studies, you must maintain continuous enrollment (fall and spring) throughout the program. If not, you'll be voluntarily withdrawn from the program and will need to re-apply. Petitions to take a semester off from the program or to have extended time to complete the program are considered on a case-by-case basis. Speak to the program advisor or director should you need special enrollment consideration.  

We expect students to complete the program within two years. When the sponsorship or dossier letter is written or all required pre-medical course work finished, we will consider the program complete. Your program participation will end, along with program privileges such as Harvard University ID card access.

For an explanation of our repeat policy, see Academic Standing.


Registration is Open!

Spring course registration is open through January 27. Interested in a 3-week January session course? Register by December 19. You can browse the course catalog.