Biotechnology Management Degree

This field will no longer be accepting applicants after the spring 2018 admission cycle (March 15 to April 15, 2018). If you have started your admissions coursework, you may continue and apply during summer, fall, or spring (see Degree Program Admission for specific dates). To find courses, you can log into online services and choose Degree Program Admissions from the menu.

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Deepen your knowledge of the scientific language, policies, and industry complexities of the life sciences field—while also enhancing your business skills in areas including leadership, project management, organizational behavior, and strategy.

Key learning outcomes

Through the master's degree in the field of biotechnology management you:

  • Develop an understanding of foundational business topics, including leadership, project management, strategy, risk, entrepreneurship, marketing, and finance.
  • Gain insight into scientific practice, including experimental or case study design, scientific data analysis, writing and communication, ethical practices, and effective collaboration.
  • Build knowledge of life science theory as it relates to biotechnology.

Program Overview

The degree program consists of nine courses—at least four taken on campus—and a thesis or internship.

  • Get started. You begin with three admission courses from the program curriculum. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your commitment and ability to perform well as a Harvard student
  • Apply to the program. While you are completing your third admission course, you submit your application. We have application periods in the fall, spring, and summer.
  • Continue your studies, online and on campus. As you progress through the program, you choose from courses offered on campus or online, in the fall, spring, or summer. To fully experience Harvard, you are required to take at least four courses on campus as part of your degree. Short, intensive on-campus options are available.
  • Complete your thesis or internship.
    • For the thesis option, you work with a thesis director to conduct in-depth research on a topic relevant to your professional goals, ordinarily using the case method format.
    • For the internship, you apply your knowledge of organizational behavior, strategy, and project management to solve a pressing business need, either with your current or potential employer. Many students apply their skills in clinical research, regulatory affairs, or other aspects of the business side of biotechnology.
  • Graduate with your Harvard degree. You participate in the annual Harvard Commencement, receiving your Harvard University degree: Master of Liberal Arts (ALM) in extension studies, field: Biotechnology Management.

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