Course Video Technology Guidelines

Accessing Course Video

Course videos are available to registered students on the Course Videos page of their course website. Videos are posted within 24 hours after the end of a live class meeting. The video player provides many helpful options to students including: transcripts and captions, multiple playback speeds, and configurable viewing windows for the classroom and the presentation materials. Details on the features of the player and how to use them are available on the Media Player Help Page.

Course Demos

The following sample lectures will give you a sense of the online course experience:

Technical Requirements and Log-in Instructions

Verify Minimum Computer Specifications


  • 2GHz or faster processor, 8GB RAM
  • Please maintain an up to date operating system and web browser.


  • 2GHz or faster processor, 8GB RAM
  • Please maintain an up to date operating system and web browser.

We do not support

  • Beta versions of any software
  • Taking courses or viewing videos on mobile devices
  • Linux
  • Operating systems discontinued by manufacturers

3. Check Connection Speed 

You need a minimum Internet speed of 5 Mbps. The recommended speed is 20 Mbps.

Check your Internet speed at

4. 2-Step Authentication

Harvard’s two-step authentication will require periodic use of either a smartphone, app, or phone-based verification.

5. Watch Lecture Videos

Once you have registered and classes begin, be sure to:

  • Visit your course website (linked in the course description). You may want to bookmark the website for future reference.
  • Choose “Class Meetings” from the menu on the course website.
  • Select the video you would like to watch.
  • Log in to watch the video using your HarvardKey (note: videos cannot be downloaded).

Videos are available within 24 hours after the course meets on campus and remain online for the duration of the semester.

Getting Help

After completing the steps above, if you still have problems either in configuring your computer or when you try to attend class call:

Online Support (technical questions and computer/software troubleshooting) 

Enrollment Services (registration, access, and general questions)

Online Technology Status Page    

Click "Report a Problem" link from within course video to send an incident report to Online Support. You can expect a response within 10 minutes to 24 hours.