Student Success Stories

Student Success Stories

Learn about the Harvard Extension experience from people who have lived it. See what our current students and alumni have to say about our courses, faculty, and the impact that continuing education has had on their lives and careers.

Michael Dwyer-Clonts

Bachelor of Liberal Arts, 2016

  “I recall how meaningful it was when I found out that I had received the Phi Theta Kappa scholarship. It said that Harvard Extension School believed in my abilities as a student. I still have the letter. Without a doubt that letter changed my life.”

Dinsry Berhanu

Master of Liberal Arts, Psychology

A psychology graduate student works for the well-being of orphans in her home country of Ethiopia.

Sidney Falconer

Bachelor of Liberal Arts, 2014

A Vancouver native, Sidney began her college education as an online student at Queens University but found she was missing a sense of community.   After transferring to Harvard Extension School—where she could combine online study with time on campus—she found a welcoming, stimulating environment for completing her undergraduate degree. Here she reflects on her experience.
Brian Mast looks out into Harvard Yard

Brian Mast

Bachelor of Liberal Arts, 2016

After losing his legs to an IED in Afghanistan, Mast set out to finish his undergraduate degree and carve out a new career for himself.

Molly Smith

Master of Liberal Arts, Sustainability, 2017

Molly Smith, a graduate of the Master of Liberal Arts in the field of sustainability at Harvard Extension School, lives in the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire, and works at Dartmouth College. She earned the degree mostly at a distance. Her studies have led her to pursue a career in environmental consulting. In the future, she hopes to merge her passions for the environment and academia in a PhD program.
Portrait of Amma Bonsu

Amma Bonsu

Master of Liberal Arts, Journalism, 2014


For her capstone project, Bonsu, a native of Ghana, turned her journalistic lens on the challenge of immigrant life in Canada. She also completed much of her degree online.
John Whippen

John Whippen

Bachelor of Liberal Arts, 2015

After success as a musician, this alumnus found his next career path while an undergraduate at the Extension School.
Portrait of Victoria Tatarinova in downtown Boston

Victoria Tatarinova

Master of Liberal Arts, Management, 2012

A multicultural perspective has led this Russian immigrant to excel as a consultant. 
Chris Brown, a graduate of Harvard Extension School

Chris Brown

Master of Liberal Arts, Psychology, 2014

Brown’s research on the brain of mental health patients has led to a new understanding of the roots of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. 
Ted Johnson

Theodore Johnson

Master of Liberal Arts, International Relations, 2011

In this essay, Johnson, a naval officer who worked as a speechwriter for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, shares his journey through Harvard Extension School.