Student Success Stories

Student Success Stories

Learn about the Harvard Extension experience from people who have lived it. See what our current students and alumni have to say about our courses, faculty, and the impact that continuing education has had on their lives and careers.

Daniel Yamashiro

Master of Liberal Arts, Government, 2017

Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii. Moved to Massachusetts to complete degree.

Step by step, I was eager to see how I’d measure up to the challenge of actually earning a degree from one of Harvard’s graduate schools, while still maintaining my professional life.

Quentin Wright

Master of Liberal Arts, Biotechnology, 2017

New Hampshire

This degree has allowed me to become more proactive in deciding my future, and backed me up with the skill set and theoretical knowledge to achieve those goals.

Evangelos Nikolados

Bachelor of Liberal Arts, Biology, 2017

Keratsini, Greece

I had to decide how far I would go for my dreams and aspirations—whether I would stand up and claim a better future, or yield to my country’s malaise.

Victoria Pizzini

Master of Liberal Arts, Management, 2017; Nonprofit Management Certificate

Cambridge, Massachusetts (originally from Argentina)

Earning this degree helped me improve my management skills to make the world a better place.

Fadwa Khalil

Master of Liberal Arts, Information Management Systems, 2017


I give a lot of credit to my amazing circle of family and friends who have supported me in many ways through my journey.

Kristen Strezo

Master of Liberal Arts, Journalism, 2016

As a student balancing family, career, and courses at Harvard, Kristen Strezo remained persistent in pursuit of a degree. We found her story, which she captured in a speech at Harvard Commencement, so inspiring that we have adapted it to share here.  

Andrew Ference

Professional Graduate Certificate, Corporate Sustainability and Innovation

Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

I’ve had a lifelong passion for the environment and sustainability issues. But, before leaving the NHL, I wanted to back that up with some formal education. When I signed up for that first class, I knew in my gut it was a big moment.

Valerie Kramis Hollands

Master in Liberal Arts, Management, 2016; Professional Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management

Mexico City, Mexico

Little by little each learning experience prepared me to launch a social enterprise that could improve lives. Harvard opens many different doors. You just have to decide which one to go through.

Brian Sullivan

Master of Liberal Arts, Digital Media Design, 2016

Madison, WI

I am excited to take what I’ve learned and help schools that are poorly served and underfunded realize the amazing potential of connected learning, without busting their budgets.

Jennifer Buchli

Master of Liberal Arts, Biotechnology Management, 2016

Houston, Texas

My new position at NASA involves overseeing project activity and fostering international collaboration. My studies at Harvard Extension School have given me the management skills and confidence to help me succeed in this challenging role.