Student Success Stories

Student Success Stories

Learn about the Harvard Extension experience from people who have lived it. See what our current students and alumni have to say about our courses, faculty, and the impact that continuing education has had on their lives and careers.

Pamela Lim

Master of Liberal Arts, Digital Media Design, 2018

Brisbane, Australia; Singapore

I was in the midst of research on modern education and its relevance today, and I decided there are resources at Harvard that can help me put my thoughts into a process. In fact, I realized, I can change the world if I were to harness the power of technology in education.

Kiron Bhaskar

Master of Liberal Arts, Sustainability, 2018; Corporate Sustainability and Innovation Certificate

Farmington, Connecticut

Never stop learning. Embrace your passion and pursue it by enhancing your knowledge. Be passionate about what you do.

Hannah Riggs

Master of Liberal Arts, Software Engineering, 2018; Web Technologies Certificate

Waltham, Massachusetts

I plan to start working as a software engineer this upcoming summer or fall, so all the skills I have gained and improved through this degree have been essential for my transition to a new field.

Elias Polcheira

Master of Liberal Arts, Digital Media Design, 2018

Chelmsford, Massachusetts

I have to say that every teacher that I had at Harvard Extension School had a genuine care for the students. Allyson Sherlock is extremely dynamic and positive. She is able to recognize the best part of everyone’s work and provide such thoughtful guidance.

Diane Neal

Associate Degree, 2018

Harvard has given me access to the smartest people in the world who genuinely love what they do. Everyone is a true believer in what they are doing. They are so passionate and enthusiastic about it, it makes you catch fire about it too.

Brian Bauer

Master of Liberal Arts, Sustainability, 2016

Alum Brian Bauer proposes the use of Internet of Things technology to improve supply chain management for Algramo, a Chilean startup that provides affordable food options to low-income communities in Latin America.

Amanda Rich

Master of Liberal Arts, Sustainability, 2017

Boston, Mass.

What I absolutely loved about [the program] was that it got you out of your little echo chamber and it gave you a lot of new perspectives and opinions that you normally wouldn’t get.

Sarah Anne Stinnett

Bachelor of Liberal Arts, 2017; Business Communications Graduate Certificate

Somerville, Mass.

Anyone with the drive and right support network can write the next chapter of their story here at Harvard Extension.

Molly Smith

Master of Liberal Arts, Sustainability, 2017


It’s truly empowering to be around so many passionate people from all over the world.

L. Brent Gilmore

Master of Liberal Arts, Finance, 2017; Corporate Finance Certificate

Austin, Texas

[Required on-campus courses] turned out to be some of the most amazing experiences of my life—and my children haven’t stopped talking about ‘daddy’s school.'