Student Success Stories

Student Success Stories

Learn about the Harvard Extension experience from people who have lived it. See what our current students and alumni have to say about our courses, faculty, and the impact that continuing education has had on their lives and careers.

Andrew Almazan

Master of Liberal Arts, Psychology

Mexico City, Mexico

One of the most rewarding aspects of my time here has been the friendships and professional bonds formed with faculty and students.

Tamarah Rockwood

Master of Liberal Arts, Creative Writing and Literature

Bainbridge Island, Washington

At Harvard ... we were there, together. I have never seen this effortless camaraderie anywhere else. This positive environment enabled me to complete my studies with a greater depth than if I had been worried or stressed.

Josh Drean

Master of Liberal Arts, Management

Boston, Massachusetts

My primary job as a speaker is to inspire youth of the next generation to dream big. During every presentation, I tell high school students that they can go to Harvard if they really want to! There are always options like Harvard Extension that make those dreams possible.

John Lantonio

Bachelor of Liberal Arts, English

Blue Bell, PA

I thought I’d make a good professor. So I came to Harvard to earn the degrees that would help make that happen.

Jelena Dowey

Master of Liberal Arts, Software Engineering

Moyeuvre, France

The most rewarding aspect was the depth of knowledge that I acquired. I tended to favor courses where the syllabus spoke to me, covering areas where I knew that I wanted to acquire new skills.

Blake Hite

Bachelor of Liberal Arts in the field of Biology | Minors: Psychology, Environmental Studies

Boston, Massachusetts

The most rewarding aspect of my time at the Extension School was having the privilege to work as a faculty aide alongside distinguished faculty members on urgent matters of public health, such as suicide and climate change. 

Zachary Hadley

Master of Liberal Arts in the field of International Relations

Venice, Italy

In the Yard, banners stated “you belong here.” I felt that was true in my daily interactions with peers, faculty, and the wider Harvard community.

Lindsay Harris

Master of Liberal Arts in the field of Digital Media Design

Medford, Massachusetts

Enjoy the ride, it’ll go faster than you think! 

Brandon Taylor

Master of Liberal Arts in the field of Finance | Accounting Certificate | Corporate Finance Certificate

Cleveland, Ohio

Going to school here was such a positive experience that I will take it with me for the rest of my life. 

Jeremy Colson

Master of Liberal Arts in the field of Sustainability

Oxford, England, United Kingdom

I am now able to engage with business leaders, leading politicians, and senior NGO personnel in a way that I didn’t feel able to do previously.