Refunds are processed approximately two weeks after the late registration deadline to allow for course changes and adjustments.

Credit card refunds are issued back to your credit card. Harvard is not responsible for fluctuations in international exchange rates or interest charges due to the timing of credit card refunds. All other refunds are made by check, payable to you, the student, and mailed to the current mailing address on record. You must notify the school of any address changes either via online services or in writing by submitting the change of address form to ensure correct delivery of refund checks.

Registration, TAP, and late fees are nonrefundable.

Amount of Refunds

The amount refunded for course changes depends on the date the change request is submitted online or received by Student Financial Services. See the calendar for the refund schedule. You should keep copies of all documents for your records.

Expedited Refunds

If you do not plan to change or adjust your courses during the late registration period, you may request an earlier refund by sending an e-mail request to Student Financial Services ( and typing “Refund” in the subject line.

If you have paid by personal check, you must either wait 30 days from the deposit date of the check or provide front and back copies of the canceled check (obtainable from your bank) to Student Financial Services before a refund is processed. You may log in to online services to view the check deposit date.

Financial Aid Refunds

Students with financial aid in excess of tuition and fees should see How Aid Is Disbursed for information on the timing of financial aid disbursements and refunds. Financial aid refunds cannot be expedited.