Whether you are a beginning or veteran writer, tutors at the Writing Center can help you look critically at your writing.

Grossman Library
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Registered Extension School students can get help with many writing-related issues, such as organization, focus, style, grammar, citation of sources, documentation, and writing a thesis.

Please note that tutors only offer feedback on writing assignments directly related to Extension School coursework and on graduate or professional school application essays. When you meet with a tutor, you should bring a written description of the assignment you are working on, as well as any writing you have done for the assignment. If you are working on a take-home examination, please bring written permission from your professor indicating that you are allowed to work with a writing tutor. Sessions last 50 minutes.

Scheduling tutorials

You may schedule an appointment through online services up to a week in advance. Students may have up to two tutorials a week, up to a total of seven tutorials a term. If you withdraw from your Extension courses, you may not use the Writing Center.

Tutorials for distance education students

Distance students are eligible for Skype conferences.

Skype conferences

Skype conferences can be scheduled using our regular online scheduler, available through online services. Once you have scheduled your conference (make sure to choose the distance option), please do the following:

  1. Send us your paper by e-mail to dcewriting@gmail.com. Please include your Skype username in this e-mail.
  2. Log in to Skype and request to be recognized by our account. Our username is dcewriter. We will contact you at the scheduled time.

If you are located in a time zone that prevents you from scheduling a Skype conference, please email us to discuss alternatives at dcewriting@gmail.com

References for citing sources and other writing resources

The Writing Center website contains more information and links to useful resources. Visit us here.

The Harvard Guide to Using Sources, which has been prepared by the Harvard College Writing Program, contains information about how to use and cite sources.

The Harvard College Writing Program provides a number of writing resources. Sources include handouts on various aspects of the essay writing process (e.g., developing a thesis, tips on grammar, conclusions) and discipline-specific writing guides (e.g., brief guide to writing the history paper, brief guide to writing the psychology paper, and a guide to philosophical writing).

Publishing opportunity

Each year the Harvard Extension School publishes a review of student work, the Charles River Review, which highlights selected work of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry written in fall and spring writing classes. Each semester, students registered in a writing course receive an e-mail invitation to submit a piece of writing for consideration. The invitation includes the submission form and guidelines, and is ordinarily sent a few weeks before the deadline (the last day of exam period each term).