Computer accounts and e-mail services

As an Extension School student, you are eligible for a free account on the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) system that provides login access to Harvard computer accounts and labs. It also provides login access to Google Apps for Harvard where you can open a Harvard Gmail account and access a suite of online communication and collaboration tools.

Once you have your Harvard ID number and PIN, you may create your account and opt-in to these services by following these steps:

  • To create an FAS account, visit the FAS Account Management tool and click “Create a New Account.”  At the end of the process, you will have an FAS username and password to access Harvard computer accounts and computer labs.
  • To opt-in to Google Apps for Harvard and open a Harvard Gmail account, log in to your FAS account and click “Manage My Services.”  Next, check the “Google Apps for Harvard” box underneath “Available Services” and proceed through the remaining steps. A Gmail account will be automatically created upon opting in to the service. Your e-mail address will be 
  • To log in to Google Apps for Harvard and your Harvard Gmail account, visit the Google Apps for Harvard homepage and select the desired service from the access menu.
  • To receive Extension School communications via your Harvard Gmail or FAS e-mail account, update your contact information in online services.

If you have an existing FAS computer and email account, you may continue to use your current accounts without any disruption in service. You may choose to opt-in to Google Apps for Harvard at any time. New email accounts will no longer be created for students.

Accounts remain active for the duration of the term for students who remain registered in at least one course with the exception of admitted degree candidates, whose accounts remain active for the duration of the program.

For help setting up your account or accessing these services, please visit Google Apps for Harvard, where you can find detailed instructions on Getting Started, a list of Frequently Asked Questions, and contact information for Harvard University Information Technology (HUIT),

Computer labs and printing facilities

Computer labs and printers are available in the Science Center and at 53 Church Street. Grossman Library in Sever Hall also has computers available for use. For information on how to connect your own computer to the campus network, contact Harvard University Information Technology (HUIT) at or (617) 495-9000.


For all Extension School students, printing is free at 53 Church Street and in the Grossman Library. The Science Center charges five cents a page for standard laser printing and you must have a Harvard computer account and money in your printing budget.

Establishing a printing budget

Extension School degree candidates: you may use Crimson Cash, a debit account accessed through your Harvard ID card, which allows you to transfer money to your printing budget. For assistance, visit the IT walk-in support center in the Science Center basement.

You may also purchase printing budget funds with a credit card by signing in with your FAS username (the part before the @ symbol) and password at You are responsible for monitoring your own printing budget. Any balance that remains in your printing budgets is nonrefundable.

Computer discounts

Registered students are eligible for special student pricing on computer hardware and software from Apple, Dell, Microsoft, and GovConnection. You may review these special prices via online services. Choose “Computer Discounts” from the menu. For Dell and Microsoft products, you need a Harvard University ID and PIN to view prices and purchase items.