Using the Harvard Name

Harvard University has numerous logos and shields (insignias) and school names. Extension School students, degree candidates, and alumni are not permitted to use the Harvard University or Harvard Extension School insignias on letterhead, business cards, electronic signatures, websites, blogs, and other forms of communication, except under the circumstances detailed below. Violation of these policies may result in disciplinary action.

Allowable use of the school name or insignia

  • Student groups that have received explicit approval from the Office of the Dean of Students may use the Harvard University or Harvard Extension School name and insignia in notices of meetings and written materials.
  • Harvard Extension School business cards ordered through Harvard University Mail Services. To receive business cards, students must be admitted to a degree program, currently registered in a course, and be in good academic standing. Harvard University Mail Services is the only vendor approved to provide business cards for the school. Business cards are not available for alumni or students who are not admitted to a degree program.
  • Any regular publication sponsored by a group that uses “Harvard” in its title needs permission from the dean of students.
  • Explicit permission of the dean of students is needed before a group can give permission to a third party to use the “Harvard” name or to imply connection with the Extension School or the University.
  • In all instances, the proper version of the logo and shield must be obtained from the Office of Communications and Marketing.

This policy is in accordance with the Harvard Trademark Program administered by the Office of the Provost.