Math Question Center

The best way to learn math is to do math. Although you are expected to do your best to complete course assignments yourself, there is a difference between wrestling with a math problem to reach new levels of understanding and struggling to the point of frustration and increased confusion. The Extension School offers the Math Question Center to help you out.

To use the center, you must be currently registered in one of the following Harvard Extension School courses:

  • All math classes up through calculus
  • Introductory statistics (STAT 100 through 104)
  • ECON 10a or ECON 1010 (tutoring is just for the math requirements, not economics content)

If you are registered for one of the above courses, you are invited to use the center as much as you would like during the semester.

The center meets both on campus in Sever Hall, room 215, and online for distance students. It is open Monday evenings from 5:30 to 7:30 pm and Tuesdays from 7:40 to 9:40 pm. You can take advantage of the center’s online service by logging in during the same times (see directions below).

Please note that the tutors in the center are not there to do your homework. Their aim is to help you achieve your longer-term goals: a deeper understanding of math and greater self-confidence.

Center Guidelines

Before you use the center, be sure to:

  • Carefully read through the problems you are stuck on so that you can pinpoint what it is that may be causing you difficulties.
  • Review your class notes, videos, and relevant textbook sections. 
  • Remember that tutors are able to help you best when you've done your best to help yourself first.

To access the center online:

  • Connect to the center during the available times by logging into the Math Question Center Canvas website and following the directions posted there.
  • Join a tutoring session by clicking on the tutoring rooms tab located in the left hand navigation list.
  • To talk with a tutor, you need a microphone and headphones (otherwise you'll need to type out questions in the text box, which may be inconvenient). You may use your computer’s built-in microphone, but do not use the computer's speakers to avoid disruptive feedback. Instead, please use a headset (ear buds usually work fine). The best option is a combination USB headphone and microphone, such as this Logitech headset.
  • If there are already a number of people in the tutoring room, feel free to keep the tutoring room open in the background and return later, or send a note using the chat feature to let the tutor know that you'll be back at a certain time. You may also choose to coordinate a time to go online with one of the tutors.


If you have any comments or questions about the center, contact Andy Engelward, director of the Math for Teaching Graduate Program at Harvard Extension School.