During fall, January, and spring registration, the following guidelines can help you through the process.

Check course availability

For courses that have limited enrollment, you should register online and early. See Limited-Enrollment Courses and Waitlists for more information. Note that if a course is canceled, your tuition will be refunded in full, but you are responsible for textbooks, course packs, or other incurred expenses.

Review prerequisites and take any required placement tests

Some courses require placement tests and proof of English proficiency. Many courses have other prerequisites, noted in course descriptions. Although you do not have to prove you have the other prerequisites, you are responsible for ensuring you are adequately prepared for your courses.

Choose a credit status: undergraduate, graduate, or noncredit

Courses are offered at one or more credit levels: undergraduate, graduate, or noncredit. If you want to earn academic credit and grades, choose undergraduate or graduate credit. Noncredit students do not receive grades. Learn more about credit status.

For Extension degree credit, choose courses that meet requirements

If you are earning a degree or considering applying to a program, review the degree program requirements and use the degree course search to ensure you choose appropriate courses.

Research transfer credit

Extension School credits are accepted at most schools. Check your home school’s transfer policies before you register.

Right to refuse registration

The Extension School may refuse registration to a person who has been required to withdraw from another Harvard school or course, officially ordered to stay away from the Harvard campus, found responsible for a disciplinary violation at another educational institution, or adjudicated guilty or convicted of a misdemeanor, felony, or other crime.