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Dean Huntington Lambert

Dean Lambert on Student Success


Dean Lambert provides a window into his vision for nontraditional students and higher education.

Michelle Mount reads the original manuscripts of Tennesse Williams in Houghton Library at Harvard

Bringing Life to Characters in Tennessee Williams' Plays

Student Success Story

An Extension School alumna explores the autobiography of character.

Mau Mau Rebellion: Caroline Elkins on Abuse in Colonial Kenya

Faculty Insight

In this video, the chair of the African studies department at Harvard details the abuse and torture of Mau Mau prisoners by the British in the 1950s. 

The Promise of Tissue Engineering

Faculty Insight

A lecturer in biomedical engineering and her Extension student explore the promise of tissue engineering in this video.

A child walks the streets of a favela in Rio

An Alumnus' Commitment to the Community in Rio's Favelas

Student Success Story

Zak Paster, ALM ’14, navigated complex legal issues to create Community in Action, an NGO.

5 Strategies for Academic Success: Using Your Strengths


These five tips show you how to keep a clear head and have a successful semester.

Modern Islam and the West

Faculty Insight

Active Learning Challenges Old Education Models


Technology has the potential to help make learning more active.

The Theory of Cosmic Evolution

Faculty Insight

Chaisson, a cosmologist, discusses the theory of cosmic evolution with Jenny Attiyeh of ThoughtCast.

The Choice Model of Addiction

Faculty Insight

Psychology lecturer Gene Heyman discusses his controversial book Addiction: A Disorder of Choice with interviewer Jenny Attiyeh of ThoughtCast.

Managing Disasters and Leading through Crises

Faculty Insight

Arnold Howitt talks about how organizations respond to large-scale emergencies like Hurricane Sandy.