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Fadwa Khalil

Student Spotlight

A Q&A with an information management systems graduate about her Extension experience.

Ten Tips for Giving an Effective Presentation

Surveys over many years have shown that Americans fear public speaking more than they do death. That is one indication of how intimidating presenting can be for people everywhere. And yet effective…

Saint Patrick: The Cantankerous Hero of Ireland

Faculty Insight

Kate Chadbourne, Harvard Extension School instructor and scholar of Irish folklore, shares stories about St. Patrick, and how she likes to celebrate the Irish holiday.

Revising and Editing Your Own Work

Learn how to be more effective at revising and editing your work - from academic papers to more in-depth research and thesis proposals.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Chocolate


Extension instructor Carla D. Martin shares surprising facts about the popular Valentine's Day treat.

The Economy of Roses

The Economy of Roses


Learn why the price of roses doubles around Valentine's Day in this infographic.

A Recruiter's Guide to the Job Search

Join this webinar to learn what recruiters really look for when hiring. 

Career Path Spotlight: Cybersecurity – April

Join this webinar to learn more about a career in cybersecurity. 

Career Path Spotlight: Finance

Learn more about a career in finance. 

The Surprising Reason We Don’t Keep Our Resolutions (and How to Overcome It)


Harvard Graduate School of Education professors Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey offer a four step process for overcoming obstacles and achieving lasting change

Best of Inside Extension 2016

Editors’ Picks: Best of Inside Extension 2016


Of the over 40 articles we published in 2016, these are the stories that challenged and inspired us this year.