Providing Support for Military Families

October 24, 2013

From The Boston Globe:

I remember Emily Gordon as a cute, lively girl who lived across the street with her family and hung around with the neighborhood kids until she left for college about 15 years ago. Today, she’s Emily Spencer, 33 years old, living in Norwood and married to an Army Reserves officer.

She and Scott Spencer met at Harvard Extension School, where they were both taking graduate classes. They married just over a year ago, in September 2012, and six months later, his unit, the 532d out of Brockton, was deployed to Afghanistan.

When she tells people that her husband is in Afghanistan, they invariably reply: “What’s he doing over there? I thought we were getting out of there.”

We are, and that’s where Spencer and his transportation unit come in. They’re over there trying to get us out of there. Millions, maybe billions, of dollars of heavy artillery equipment and vehicles have to be moved back here.

Spencer, who is 34, participated in the ROTC program at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. After boot camp, he attended Officer Candidate School. He’s a first lieutenant, in charge of a group of men and women soldiers.

While he keeps an eye on his unit over there, his wife is keeping an eye on their families here. When he left, she signed on to work with a Family Readiness Group, a command-sponsored group of family members and other volunteers to provide support to those left behind.

Read the full article, “Military families here are also serving” by Bella English (The Boston Globe, October 20, 2013).

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