Extension Graduate Co-Authors Final Volume of Churchill Biography

November 08, 2012

From the New York Times:

The Last Lion bookAfter one of the longest waits in publishing history—more than 20 years—the third and final volume of William Manchester’s biography of Winston Churchill, “The Last Lion,” is finally about to arrive in bookstores. Manchester, who died in 2004, will not be among those eagerly awaiting its reception. The man with the most at stake is the co-author of record, and in fact the actual author: Paul Reid, who had never written a book before and whose specialty before he met Manchester was features for The Palm Beach Post. The story of how Reid, 63, was plucked from anonymity and thrust into the spotlight is not a simple understudy-replaces-star saga, and it’s safe to say that Reid could not have imagined what a mixed blessing he would experience after accepting Manchester’s invitation to co-write the third volume of Churchill’s biography. Now he has emerged from the project in a kind of literary shell shock, knowing that if the book is a success, most of the praise will go to Manchester, and if it flops, blame will fall on him.

Read the full article, “A Problem of Churchillian Proportions,” by James Andrew Miller (New York Times, Sunday Magazine, November 1, 2012).

Paul Reid received his Bachelor of Liberal Arts from Harvard Extension School in 1990. You can now buy The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill: Defender of the Realm, 1940-1965.