The End of Semester Slam

“Well, you said you wanted to write, right?” Says my friend, when she finds me buried under a stack of New Yorker magazines. She slips her earbuds back in to block out my woe-is-me’s, which, in my grandmother tongue, translates to, “Oy vey tzmir.”

Seeking more empathy than my friend is ever going go offer up, I turn to you all. I know you’ll get it.

Do I even have time to eat?

If you’re in the Journalism Graduate Program, chances are good you’re slammed right now. I don’t know about you, but it feels like my fingers are glued to my laptop (then again, I did spill some strawberry smoothie earlier), my contacts are fused to the screen, and my hands are curved into permanent claws. No, it’s not a pretty picture. Luckily, I don’t plan on going out in public until December 21.

That’s the day after final projects, articles, revisions, and portfolios are due. That means, for those of us in Advanced Narrative Nonfiction, our 5K articles (yes, the same length as a capstone) are due in (Gulp!) 15 days and counting.

I’m also in the throes of getting my capstone approved for next semester. Anyone else?

Plus, many of us also have jobs (Can you believe it?), kids (What were we thinking?), and other time commitments, like eating, showering, and putting out the trash. Shopping for gifts? Bah humbug!

Taking two classes? Oy vey Tyrannosaurus Rex. Which in my family means very, very oy vey.

I’m also doing a social media internship this semester, which I love, and feel lucky to have, but well, it’s a big time sucker. Oy vey to the max!

OK. Maybe I’m exaggerating. A little.

Practice, practice, practice

And as my friend pointed out, I asked for it. I volunteered for it. I signed up for it. I even pay for it. I wanted to be a real writer. I wanted to write more. Because, as we all know, the only way to become a better writer is to practice. A lot. So we must be awesome at it by now, right? I’m getting there, thanks to some tough love and wisdom from instructors who are actually working journalists.

Now, nose to the keyboard! Which, by the way, is not the most efficient way to type.

And remember, we get the whole month of January off.