Loan deferments

Harvard Summer School is a participant in the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC), which provides electronic and paper-based deferment processing for students. The Extension School transfers enrollment data of its students to the Clearinghouse after the 50 percent tuition refund deadline in each term, September 18 for the fall and February 11 for the spring, and monthly thereafter. Deferments are not available for the January session. The Clearinghouse electronically distributes the information to participating guarantors, lenders and servicers.

All guarantors and most major student loan lenders and servicers (including servicers for Perkins, private/alternative, and institutional loans), as well as the Department of Education, participate in the Clearinghouse and offer paperless deferments, called Paperless Express. Deferments are automatically processed.

If your loan company does not participate in the paperless deferment process, you will need to contact the agency directly to obtain a deferment form. Academic Services will process the form and mail it directly to the loan agency on your behalf.

Letters of enrollment

A letter of enrollment includes a listing of courses in which the student is registered for the term; it does not include grades. Students may request a letter of enrollment for any term in the current year by completing a letter of enrollment request form. Request forms may be mailed to Academic Services or faxed to (617) 495-3662. All requests must be made in writing; telephone and e-mail requests are not accepted. Letters of enrollment are not issued for students who have not met their financial obligations to Harvard University.

Requests may be submitted throughout the term but are not processed until after September 18 in the fall, January 8 for the January session, and February 11 in the spring.