Although you can earn the majority of your Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree credits through online courses, four courses (16 credits) must be taken on campus. Even if you attend an online-option course on campus, it does not fulfill the on-campus requirement. It is considered an online class.

Here are a few examples of how you might complete the on-campus requirement: 

  • Two seven-week Harvard Summer School sessions (8 credits each)
  • Four three-week January sessions (4 credits each)
  • Four 15-week fall or spring terms (four credits each) 
  • Four weekend hybrid courses (4 credits each)
  • Eight intensive weekend, active learning simulations (2 credits each)
  • Any combination above to reach 16 credits, including one full-time (4 courses) fall or spring term

Also see a sample pathway through the entire program.

International students

Because of this is a part-time evening program, we do not offer an I-20 certificate for the F-1 student visa. You can, however, complete the undergraduate degree through a combination of Harvard Extension School courses and Harvard Summer School courses. 

The Summer School offers a full-time residential option, for which you can request an I-20. See the international student guidelines for Summer School. The following are critical reminders to help ensure a successful trip to the United States to meet the residency requirement.

  • You must be a full-time Summer School student registered in two on-campus-only or online-option courses (online-only courses are not eligible); 8 credits.
  • Start planning in early March, as you will need to register for courses, apply for housing, submit an I-20 application, and coordinate with your embassy to determine how long it will take to process your visa request. Summer housing is limited, so don’t delay.

The benefits of studying on campus

If you are a US citizen and plan to apply to graduate school or make a significant career change after earning your undergraduate degree, we recommend you come to campus for at least one academic year.

During your time here you can:


Although the Harvard Extension School does not offer housing, we do offer advice and a list of helpful resources. See Plan Your Visit.