A bachelor’s degree, online and on campus

To be competitive in today’s job market, a four-year undergraduate degree is a minimum qualification. At Harvard Extension School, you can complete a bachelor’s degree you began elsewhere or earn your entire degree while balancing your career and other commitments. 

Why choose us?

A high-quality challenge matters to you

  • At Harvard, you can choose from 600 courses each year that count toward the degree—many taught by Harvard faculty. 

  • Focus your studies. We offer more than 20 fields, including business and management, and more than 25 minors.

  • You have access to Harvard University resources and special academic options, including internships, paid research opportunities, and study abroad programs.

Flexibility does too 

  • With online and on-campus options, you get the best of both worlds. You can complete your entire degree by taking classes on the Harvard campus. Or earn the degree mostly online, taking only the minimum four courses on campus. 

  • Take courses year round: in the fall, January session, spring, and summer.

  • You set the pace. Take one course one semester, two the next. Or take a semester off and come back the next. Enroll full time and finish in four years (no transfer credit) or two years (with two years of transfer credits).

And value is essential

Tuition for each course is about $1,250 (that’s about $300 per credit). With no transfer credit, you can earn the entire bachelor’s degree for about $42,000. There are also financial aid options available.

But don’t take our word for it ...

Hear it from our alumni. Several share their experiences in this video.

See what employers and alumni have to say about the value of the Harvard Extension degree experience at Your Degree, Your Career.

Get started today

To begin working toward your degree, sign up for a course. That’s right: Before you apply, you can get started right away, taking three courses on your path to admission. It’s a great way to find out if the program is the right fit for you. 

To begin:

  1. Get familiar with the courses and degree requirements.
  2. And learn about the courses required for admission and how you can begin.
  3. Start planning!