In the Information Technology Graduate Program at Harvard Extension School, you concentrate your studies in one of three discrete areas of computer science.

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1. Digital media arts and instructional design

In this concentration you focus on the artistic, pedagogical, and technical aspects of designing and creating web-based and stand-alone interactive systems. A modest background in programming is required.

You take nine courses and a thesis or capstone course (40 credits).

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2. Information management systems

In this concentration, you build skills at the integration of business strategies and processes with computer systems. Experience in object-oriented programming is required.

You complete 11 courses and a capstone course (48 credits).

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3. Software engineering

This concentration provides training in the use of systematic engineering principles applied to the design, construction, and maintenance of large software applications. Experience in object-oriented programming using C++ or Java is required.

You complete either nine courses and a thesis (40 credits) or 11 courses and a capstone course (48 credits).

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