In the Biotechnology Graduate Program, you can choose to supplement your research experience with advanced study in one of four concentrations.

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1. Bioengineering and nanotechnologies concentration

This concentration is intended for individuals with at least a year of scientific research experience who are interested in the innovations and applications being generated by nanoscale science and the engineering of biological materials.

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2. Bioinformatics concentration

If you have at least one year of scientific research experience, in this concentration you can focus on developing vital computer and programming skills for research application.

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3. Life sciences concentration

This concentration is designed for individuals with at least one year of scientific research experience who wish to continue working in the research arena. The courses are current and relevant and will help update skills, as the field of biology itself is in a state of constant updating.

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4. Management principles concentration

If you are interested in transitioning to the business side of science and have at least two years of research experience, this concentration allows you to choose courses to match your goals—marketing, project management, and finance.

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