In the Biotechnology Graduate Program at Harvard Extension School, you can gain new scientific insights to enhance your research career, build skills to transition into biotech management, or develop complementary skills in bioinformatics or bioengineering.

At Harvard you’ll find:

Relevant scientific training

You choose from four different concentrations to complement your research experience:

Instructors include Harvard faculty, affiliates, PhDs, and working professionals from the biotech industry.

Flexibility to fit your schedule

  • Online and on-campus options, so you can continue to move forward in your career.
  • Courses offered year round to accelerate degree completion. 

Access to the larger Harvard community resources

  • Take courses from instructors from the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Science and Harvard Medical School.
  • Prepare for your next step with support from the Harvard Office of Career Services.
  • Gain critical research skills and perhaps a publishing credit by working for a professor as a part-time research assistant.

Tuition that’s affordable

Graduate-credit tuition is $2,200 a course. In total, tuition is $22,000. After you are admitted, financial aid options are available.

A Harvard credential

You’ll earn a Harvard University degree: the Master of Liberal Arts in Extension Studies in the field of biotechnology with a concentration in bioengineering and nanotechnologies, bioinformatics, life sciences, or management principles.


To begin working toward your degree, start off with one 4-credit course. On your path to admission, you’ll take three 4-credit program courses before submitting an application. This is a great way to find out if the program is the right fit for you.

Next steps

  1. Compare the concentrations.
  2. Then learn about the path to admission in Getting Started and Admission