Faculty Aide Program

If you are an undergraduate degree candidate with a 3.0 GPA or higher, you may become a research assistant to a faculty member through the Career and Academic Resource Center’s Faculty Aide Program.

Faculty advisor

If you choose to pursue a field of study, you may request to meet with a Harvard Extension School instructor for three advising sessions to gain discipline-specific course selection and future plans advice. The faculty advisor request is part of the field of study form.


Teacher’s aide internship

Each fall you can apply for a paid internship ($12 per hour for 100 hours) at St. Peter’s School in Cambridge (K-8), where you can gain classroom experience as a teacher’s aide to support a future career in education. You must be 18 years or older and have completed a minimum of 32 credits at Harvard with 3.0 GPA or higher. To apply, submit a résumé and cover letter to suzanne_spreadbury@harvard.edu by September 1. The cover letter should include:

  1. Your interest in the internship
  2. Experience working with children
  3. Age group(s) most interested in teaching
  4. Future plans
  5. Day and time availability (e.g., Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 1-3 pm, or Tuesday and Thursday, 8-11 am).

St. Peter’s is open 8 am to 3 pm, Monday through Friday. Most interns work 10 to 15 hours a week over two to three days in the classroom along side the teacher, help an individual child or small groups of children, and complete lesson plans in a variety of subjects, including literature, social studies, science, mathematics, religion, art, computer science, and music. There is potential to be rehired for the spring semester.  

Naval War College internship

Each fall we also offer an unpaid internship at the US Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island. The faculty are engaged in a variety of projects related to national defense, international security affairs, leadership, economics, and regional studies. Interns work one-on-one with a faculty member on a research project.


  • You must be 18 years or older
  • A citizen of the United States
  • Have completed a minimum of 32 credits at Harvard with a 3.33 GPA or higher.
  • Preference is given to government and international relations concentrators.


Submit the following to suzanne_spreadbury@harvard.edu by September 1:

You must be enrolled in Extension School courses while participating in the internship and you are required to spend, at minimum, a full morning or afternoon at the War College, every other week for a few months. Traveling to Rhode Island is a requirement for the position. 

Harvard Graduate School of Education tuition voucher

You can apply for a voucher to take one 4-credit Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) course for free (only one voucher per student).

At the time of the application deadline, you must have completed 96 credits, of which a minimum of 32 at Harvard is required with a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

The deadlines are July 1 for fall and December 1 for spring. See Forms to download the HGSE tuition voucher petition.

Harvard Divinity School tuition voucher

The Harvard Divinity School provides a limited number of tuition vouchers to Harvard Extension School degree candidates to take one 4-credit graduate-level course free of charge that will apply to an Extension School degree. Seminars are not included. Admitted ALB candidates with 96 credits and a GPA of 3.5 or higher are eligible to apply. 

Applications are approved by the director of the Certificate in Religious Studies and Education and the instructor of the course you wish to take.

To apply, send an e-mail to Mary Higgins, mary_higgins@harvard.edu, that includes the following:

  • Three course choices from the Divinity School course website (0.50 credits at the Divinity School is equal to 4 credits at Harvard Extension School)
  • An explanation of how the course(s) will benefit you (e.g., your program of study, academic goals, or professional plans)
  • Approval from the program advisor that the course(s) will count toward your degree
  • Information about your work and academic schedule for the term
  • Current résumé

The deadlines are August 15 for fall and December 1 for spring.

Study abroad

Harvard Summer School offers study abroad opportunities for 8 credits. Most programs have February 1 deadlines, so you need to start researching and gathering application materials in November and December. Harvard Summer School study abroad courses count toward the on-campus requirement.

In addition, Lynn Rublee, the undergraduate advisor, can help you find other international-study programs that fit your budget and schedule. To schedule an appointment with Lynn, visit the portal, my.extension.harvard.edu.

Reading and research course

Pursue your own research project under the supervision of a lecturer in extension or a teaching member of Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences or one of Harvard’s graduate schools. The option counts as 4 credits. Tuition is $1,200.

To be eligible, you must have completed 64 credits toward the degree, with 32 credits at the Extension School and 12 credits in the research area, and have a GPA of 3.33 or higher.

You can only complete one reading and research project. Ordinarily, you complete the project in your final year of study, similar to an undergraduate thesis. Meet with Mark Ochida at least a month before the application deadline and before contacting potential reading and research directors.

The application deadlines are:

  • August 30 for fall projects
  • January 30 for spring projects
  • June 1 for summer projects

Reading and research courses do not fulfill the on-campus requirement. See Forms to download a reading and research proposal form.

Special Student status

Special Student status enables you to enroll in one or two courses a term for an academic year in the Harvard College. If by the application deadline you have a 3.33 GPA and have completed 32 credits at the Extension School you may apply, with recommendations from the assistant director and two instructors.

Application is in two steps:

  • First, you submit the Harvard Extension School Special Student petition (see Forms) and schedule an appointment with Mark Ouchida by the deadlines: September 1 for spring 2014 Harvard College courses and February 1 for 2014–15 Harvard College courses.
  • Second, after approval, you submit the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Special Student Application by October 1 and March 1, respectively. If you don’t meet the deadline or receive approval for the first step, you can't move on to the second.

Special Student courses must be taken for a letter grade and are recorded as undergraduate credit, unless you cross register at one of the graduate schools at Harvard. All Special Student courses count toward your cumulative GPA at Harvard and fulfill Harvard instructor requirements (fulfillment of other requirements will vary). You pay the full FAS tuition of $4,861 per course. A limited number of scholarships are available. See the Special Student Scholarship form.

Phillips Brooks House Association

This student-run public service organization at Harvard University consists of nearly 80 program committees and more than 1,800 student volunteers, and serves close to 10,000 clients in the Cambridge and Boston area. To volunteer with association programs, attend the Phillips Brooks House Association open house that is ordinarily held during the first of week of classes each fall and spring term.