Although Extension School courses are open enrollment, degree programs are not. You must meet admission criteria, including grade and GPA requirements, and apply to earn the degree. Given that 35 is the average age of our students, SAT scores and high school grades are not relevant indicators of success. The most important predictor is your ability to do honors-level work at Harvard.

To apply to the program:

1. Complete three required admission courses at Harvard (online or on campus).

  • EXPO 25 at the Extension School or Harvard Summer School. To register for either course you need a passing score on the test of critical reading and writing skills. You are denied admission if you fail to earn a B after twice enrolling in the course. If you need to enroll in the course a second time, it must be with a different instructor.

  • Two other Harvard courses (4 credits each). Choose any two Extension School or Harvard Summer School courses from the Undergraduate Program curriculum. We recommend EXPO 15 to prepare for EXPO 25 and Harvard-instructor (HI) taught courses in your area of concentration (humanities, sciences, or social sciences). To find the applicable courses, use the degree course search.

Grade requirements

  • Earn a 3.0 (B) or higher cumulative grade-point average (GPA) in all Harvard courses taken before admission.
  • A grade of B or higher is required in each admission course. These courses count toward the degree once you are admitted. 


  • Start off with just one course to help ensure success. Take the test of critical reading and writing skills by July 14 for fall, November 17 for spring and the January session, and February 23 for summer because you need to know the score before enrolling in limited-enrollment EXPO courses on the first day registration.
  • If you don’t earn the required grades in the three  admission courses, request that an advisor calculate your GPA and offer advice. It may not be in your best interest to continue to register for courses in an attempt to raise your GPA. Log in to online services, choose “Degree Program Admissions,” then “Pre-Admission GPA Confirmation.”

See the financial aid options available, such as the PTK Scholarship.

2. Meet all other admission criteria.

You should:

  • Be in good academic and financial standing with Harvard University, with no disciplinary or administrative procedures pending.

  • Be in good financial standing (able to submit official transcripts) with all other schools you may have attended.

  • Not be currently pursuing a degree at another school

  • Be able to demonstrate English language proficiency.

The Extension School will consider your disciplinary record at Harvard University in making admissions decisions.

See enrollment.

3. Submit your application materials.

We admit students to the program three times a year. You should submit your application during the term you anticipate completing EXPO E-25 or EXPO S-20, the other two admission courses. See How to Apply.

International students

The undergraduate program does not provide I-20 certificates for student visas, but international students who need an F-1 student visa should review Online Courses and On-Campus Requirement.

Financial aid

Before you apply to the program, you can work with Student Financial Services to secure private funding to cover the cost of the three admission courses. See Nonadmitted Students: Funding Options.

A limited number of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Scholarships are awarded to eligible community college graduates who have earned an associate degree. The scholarship covers the first three courses required for admission.

Once you are admitted to the undergraduate program, you can apply for a range of financial assistance, including federal and institutional aid.