Through five web development courses, you’ll gain skills to start or advance a career as a web developer. You’ll learn to build dynamic websites that deliver content in a variety of formats for computers, smartphones, tablets, and the next “it” device. Beginning with the fundamentals of website development, you’ll build a foundation through advanced study on topics like XML, Ajax, and database applications.

Web development courses: online and on-campus options

For the certificate, you take five of the following web development courses for graduate credit. All courses are available online. Note that you can count only one of the following three courses toward a certificate: CSCI E-62, CSCI E-65, or CSCI E-164.

Summer 2014 course

Earning the web technologies certificate

No application is required. Simply choose the course you’d like to take first and register for graduate credit. Most students take one or two courses a term.

If you are taking courses online, review the technical requirements outlined in How Distance Education Works.

You can monitor your academic progress toward the certificate by logging in to online services and choosing “Certificate Course Tracker and Request Form.” This online form will confirm the certificate courses that you’ve taken in the past (within the three-year time frame) as well as courses for which you are currently registered.  

Web development certificate requirements

  • Take all five courses for graduate credit.
  • Earn at least a B in all five courses.
  • Complete all courses within three years.

Requesting the certificate

When you are registered in your final certificate course(s) or once the fifth and final grade has been officially awarded, log in to online services, “Certificate Course Tracker and Request Form,” to request your certificate. If you wait until you have all your five grades, be sure to request the certificate within two weeks of when grades are posted online (see calendar for dates). Certificates are not awarded retroactively.

After your request is reviewed and approved, the award is noted on your transcript, and the certificate is mailed. 

Considering a master’s degree?

You can count courses from this certificate toward the Information Technology Graduate Program if you plan well.

First, review the degree admission requirements and see how your certificate coursework can fit within the framework of the degree requirements.

Apply to the degree program when you have completed the admission requirements, then continue on with your coursework toward the certificate (which you apply for after five courses) and the degree. This will ensure you’re meeting degree completion deadlines and academic standing policies.

Have questions?

We are happy to answer general questions about the certificate.

  1. First, read our common questions about certificates.
  2. Then e-mail us at