On-Campus and Online Certificates at Harvard

Expand your career prospects by earning a professional certificate in a specialized field. In just five graduate courses, you can gain skills to complement your professional experience.

Six on-campus and online certificates fields

Most of the following professional certificates can be completed online. Select a certificate to learn more:

If you do not see a field that meets your needs, use the course search to find individual courses in your field.

What’s the value of a certificate?

A certificate demonstrates to employers that you have acquired a certain body of knowledge in a field. The courses for each certificate give you the opportunity to gain a currently relevant background for a field or profession. And the educational quality of the Harvard Extension School is widely recognized by employers.

What does a certificate cost?

Tuition for each course, which must be taken for graduate credit, is about $2,000. The exact tuition is listed in each course description.

Is financial aid available?

If you are not in an Extension School degree program, you are not eligible for federal or state aid. However, you may be eligible for scholarship funds, including Lowell Scholarships for Boston-area middle and high school teachers, community scholarships, and private student loans.

Can I create a customized certificate or take a course that is not on the list?

Certificate courses are selected to suit the professional demands and needs of a given field. Customized certificates are not available.

Can I earn a certificate online?

Several certificates can be completed online. Because some course instructors prefer to meet face-to-face, not every course applicable to a certificate has an online option. Also, international students should be aware that I-20s are not available for on-campus study.   

How do I start?

Simply choose a course and register. For certificate requirements and instructions, select the certificate you are interested in from the list above, then see the Earning the Certificate section on that page.

How do certificates differ from degrees?

Most Extension School graduate degrees require 10 to 12 courses. With only five courses and no admissions requirements, certificates offer a quicker path to a professional development credential. 

Since the on-campus and online certificates are not degree programs, certificate awardees do not participate in Commencement or receive alumni status.

More questions?

First, review the information about the certificate that interests you (see list above).

If you still have questions, please e-mail us at professional_certificates@dcemail.harvard.edu.