Apply to the ALM program as soon as you complete the three admission courses. The ALM office admits students on a rolling-admission basis. Notifications of admission decisions are sent by mail, normally within eight weeks after receipt of the complete application.

If you intend to seek financial aid, apply during the term in which you anticipate completing your admission courses, in order to be admitted shortly after grades are posted.

How to apply

To apply to the Master of Liberal Arts Program after you have completed the three admission courses and met all other admission criteria, submit the following:

  • A completed application form. To request a hard copy, available year round, e-mail An online application is available three times a year: October 15 to November 30, March 15 to April 30, and July 15 to August 15. 

  • Two essays (topics specified on the application)

  • A nonrefundable $100 application fee

  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities from which a degree has been received (sent directly from the registrars to the ALM office, or delivered in a sealed envelope signed across the flap by the registrar). Additional transcripts are required if half of the credits earned toward a degree were transfer courses.

  • Complete the academic integrity tutorials: Using Sources, Five Scenarios and Using Sources, Five Examples

Literature and creative writing concentration only: to apply to this concentration, you must also submit original manuscripts in both fiction and criticism for evaluation.

Delaying application

  • If you present more than four courses when applying, you will be charged a $200 late fee.
  • If you delay completing your application more than two years after completing the proseminar, you are required to retake the course.
  • Coursework completed over 10 years ago in the intended field of concentration and inconsistent with the current curriculum will not count toward the degree.
  • The ALM program reserves the right to change or add requirements for the degree. Applicants to the program must satisfy current degree requirements as shown on the ALM website.