Web GIS has revealed the immense value and applicability of GIS to e-government, e-business, e-science, and daily life. This course provides students with a comprehensive overview of web GIS; teaches students how to use state of the art web GIS skills including ArcGIS Online Cloud platform, ArcGIS for Server, web services, ArcGIS Online web app templates, ArcGIS for smart phones, ArcGIS Viewer for JavaScript, ArcGIS API for JavaScript APIs, HTML5, and 3D web services; and inspires students with web GIS application case studies. Access to ArcGIS Online and the Harvard ArcGIS server is provided. Students need to have ArcGIS Desktop installed. Registered students can download ArcGIS Desktop and request a free license from the Harvard Center for Geographic Analysis. (4 credits)
ISMT E-150 or basic experience with ArcMap and ArcCatalog.
Pinde Fu, PhD. Project Lead and Senior GIS Application Developer, Professional Services Division, Esri, Inc..
Class times: Thursdays beginning Jan. 29, 7:40-9:40 pm.
Required sections to be arranged.
Course tuition: noncredit $2,200, graduate credit $2,200.
Limited enrollment.
Course taught via live web conference using Adobe Connect.