With the increased awareness of the impact that business and economic activity have on our planet, we are seeing a boom in entrepreneurial activity premised on social responsibility, environmental friendliness, energy efficiency, and other sustainability-related attributes. This course seeks to examine the trends in green business, and to identify which activities are based on enduring principles and which are likely to be fleeting. Through conversations with local entrepreneurs, case studies, and lectures, this course provides students with an introduction to the principles of sustainable business, and the opportunity to look at a variety of new businesses, business models, and technologies that may play a role in an energy- and resource-constrained future. (4 credits)
Ramon Sanchez, ScD. Assistant Director of the Sustainability and Environmental Management Program, Harvard Extension School.
Catlin Powers, ScD. Research Fellow, Harvard Center for Health and the Global Environment, Harvard School of Public Health.
Matthew Gardner, PhD. Managing Partner, Sustainserv, Inc.
Class times: Wednesdays beginning Jan. 28, 7:40-9:40 pm.
Optional sections to be arranged.
Course tuition: noncredit $1,250, undergraduate credit $1,250, graduate credit $2,200.