Anyone who works with text, whether it's books and magazines, the PTA newsletter, or the company website, is engaged in editing. Many are not paid editors and have no formal training, and yet they are expected to produce good, clean copy and to know how and when to fix others' mistakes. This course is designed to address the sorts of questions that arise in every publishing situation, from blogs to brochures, and to provide students with a reliable set of editing standards and skills. Among the topics covered in this course: editing for style, space, and structure; copyediting, fact-checking, and proofreading; contracts and copyright; and working with authors. At a more general level, we look at the differences implicit in different publishing environments (including print and electronic) and the fundamental relationships between author and audience that determines the shape of the text. (4 credits)
Proof of English proficiency is required of students whose native language is not English.
Fall term 2014 (14017)
Christina Thompson, PhD. Editor, Harvard Review, Harvard College Library.
Class times: Tuesdays beginning Sept. 2, 5:30-7:30 pm.
Course tuition: undergraduate credit $1,250, graduate credit $2,200.
Limited enrollment.