This proseminar introduces students to basic behavioral science research methods in anthropology and psychology. It teaches them how to read and evaluate research papers and translate their ideas into viable research projects. Topics include library and archival research, scholarly writing and argument, descriptive research methods, quasi-experimental and experimental design, ethical issues, and analytical methods. (4 credits)
undergraduate statistics and research methods courses are recommended, computer literacy (skills and experience with the Internet, Word, and Excel) required. Students must receive a B or higher grade in EXPO E-42b/W or a satisfactory score on the mandatory test of critical reading and writing skills. In addition, at the first class meeting, students must complete a writing assignment that demonstrates their graduate-level reading comprehension and ability to write coherent, logical arguments. Proof of English proficiency is required of students whose native language is not English.
Fall term 2014 (13108)
Evan Kleiman, PhD. Harvard College Fellow in Psychology, Harvard University.
Class times: Wednesdays beginning Sept. 3, 5:30-7:30 pm.
Course tuition: graduate credit $2,200.
Graduate proseminar. Limited enrollment.
Students who do not have Harvard ID cards must purchase $100 special borrower's cards at Widener Library.