The course outlines the basic principles underlying the design of drug discovery campaigns and the management of such programs without formal authority (matrix management). The course acquaints the student with current drug discovery practices in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. The steps in the process are presented and strategic considerations are discussed through case studies. The course helps prepare students who already have a background in the scientific disciplines underlying drug discovery (cell biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, pharmacology, organic chemistry, and medicinal chemistry) to take on the design and management of research programs aimed at the discovery of new or improved pharmacological agents. The course is not specific to one therapeutic area but rather provides information common to drug discovery in all therepeutic areas. (4 credits)
the course assumes a solid understanding of science. BIOS E-10, BIOS E-12, and BIOS E-16/W, or the equivalent.
Fall term 2014 (13965)
Donald R. Kirsch, PhD. Biopharma Consultant.
Class times: Tuesdays beginning Sept. 2, 5:30-7:30 pm.
Course tuition: noncredit $750, graduate credit $2,200.