This course is designed to provide the non-science concentrator with the building blocks needed to better understand how general biological processes work. The course is very interactive and driven by questions that students may face in their everyday lives, specifically addressing popular misconceptions about a wide range of topics. Among the questions covered: How do vaccines work? What is antibiotic resistance? What are the differences between bacteria and viruses, and why does it matter? What is a mutation? How does a normal cell become a cancer cell? Successful completion of this course provides students with more confidence in their ability to understand topics in biology that affect their daily lives. (4 credits)

Fall term 2013 (14225)
Cheryl D. Vaughan, PhD, Lecturer on Molecular and Cellular Biology, Harvard University.
Erin Clark, PhD.
Wednesdays beginning Sept. 4, 5:30-7:30 pm. Optional sections to be arranged.
Course tuition: noncredit $675, undergraduate credit $1,020.

Writing-intensive course.