Degree Requirements

Required Joint Degree Courses

Once admitted into the joint degree program, you begin with an online course in late June and then complete two courses every semester, studying year round in the fall, spring, and summer. 

You'll come to Harvard in Cambridge for three summers in a row (late June through mid-July), spending three weeks each visit. While at Harvard, you'll take two compatible courses. 

In total, you will take 24 courses (18 online, six on campus) distributed across the undergraduate and graduate levels:

12 Undergraduate Courses 

  • 6 global studies field courses
  • 2 expository writing courses
  • 1 college algebra (or higher-level math) course
  • 1 statistics course
  • 1 principles of economics course
  • 1 speech course

12 Graduate Courses* 

  • 1 accounting course
  • 1 finance course
  • 1 organizational behavior course
  • 1 microeconomic theory course
  • 1 negotiation and organizational conflict resolution course
  • 1 strategic management course
  • 1 applied corporate responsibility course
  • 1 marketing management course
  • 1 leadership course
  • 3 management electives**

*Four courses count toward both degrees.

**Three elective courses can be used to complete one professional graduate certificate.

Harvard Instructor Courses

Thirteen courses must be taught by Harvard instructors (all Harvard Summer School courses count as Harvard instructors)

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The Harvard On-Campus Experience  

Many courses will be taken online, but the joint degree integrates a Harvard campus experience. You come to Cambridge for at least six of your courses, which gives you access to faculty; campus libraries, laboratories, and museums; and the academic community.

If you live close to campus, you may take additional elective courses on campus, but it does not exempt you from taking all required courses with your cohort online and during the three-week summer terms.

There is no exemption from the three-week, intensive, on-campus summer experience.

To complete your joint degree

Grade Requirements

All undergraduate degree courses must be completed with C– grade or higher without letting your cumulative undergraduate GPA dip below 3.0 (except the required EXPO 25 course, which must be completed with a grade B or higher). Then, all graduate-level courses must be completed with a B grade or higher without letting your graduate GPA dip below 3.0. It's important to limit how many courses you withdraw from. After five withdrawals for the entire joint program (three for the undergraduate portion of the program, and two for the graduate), additional withdrawals begin to count as a zero (failing grade) in your cumulative GPA. See Academic Standing.

Graduate with Your Harvard Degree

When you have fulfilled all undergraduate degree requirements, you will earn your degree: Bachelor of Liberal Arts in extension studies. When you have fulfilled all graduate degree requirements, you will earn your degree: Master of Liberal Arts in extension studies, Field: Management. Degrees are awarded in November, March, and May. You may participate in the annual Harvard Commencement ceremony in May for either or both degrees.