Joint Undergraduate & Graduate Management Degree

Designed for highly motivated students with a proven track record in the professional arena, this joint management degree program provides an accelerated pathway to earning both a bachelor’s and master’s degree within four years. Through a cohort experience, you become a big-picture, critical thinker with in-depth management expertise.​

Key learning outcomes

  • Skills to meet today's demand for the T-shaped professional, blending deep business expertise with a broad liberal arts background that fosters cross-cultural understanding, clear communication, collaboration, innovation, and the ability to remain agile in complex situations. 
  • Understanding of the global community and the numerous international issues impacting our public, private, and professional worlds.
  • Knowledge of foundational topics in business administration, including strategy, organizational behavior, accounting, finance, and economics.
  • Insight into the latest management studies and practices through a mix of case review and discussion, instructor lectures, problem sets, group projects, and applied learning experiences.
  • Specialized knowledge in a select field—such as marketing, nonprofit management, corporate sustainability and innovation, or finance.
  • Membership in a selective student cohort, providing a rich, interactive learning community.

Program Overview

In the accelerated program, you earn a Bachelor of Liberal Arts in the field of global studies and a Master of Liberal Arts in the field of management along with a professional graduate certificate in a specialized management topic (e.g., organizational behavior). In four years, you complete 24 courses (18 online, six on campus).

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Once admitted, you begin the program with one course and then complete two courses every semester, studying year round in the fall, spring, and summer. 

  • Apply to our program. You may apply to our joint degree program during the application period: October 1–November 1, 2016. Applications are reviewed by the joint degree program admissions committee, consisting of advisors, program administrators, and faculty. Acceptance letters are mailed April 1.
  • Begin your journey. Once accepted into the program in April, you'll begin your degree in late June with your first online course. You'll take all required courses with your fellow joint-degree cohort members. 
  • Attend six courses on campus at Harvard. You'll come to Harvard in Cambridge for three summers in a row (late June through mid-July), spending three weeks each visit. While at Harvard, you'll take two compatible courses. On-campus housing is available through Harvard Summer School for a separate fee.  
  • Graduate with your Harvard degree. You participate in the annual Harvard Commencement, receiving your Harvard University degree: Bachelor of Liberal Arts (ALB) in extension studies and Master of Liberal Arts in extension studies, field: Management.

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Affordability is core to our mission. Our 2016–17 undergraduate tuition is $1,400 per course, and the graduate tuition is $2,550 per course. At this rate, the total tuition cost of earning the joint degree is approximately $47,400.

There are a number of financial aid options available once you’re admitted to the program.