Journalism Degree

Gain the writing and reporting skills necessary for success as a journalist in the digital age.

Key learning outcomes

Through the graduate degree in the field of journalism you:

  • Master the latest reporting, writing, and technical skills for traditional and digital media.
  • Build greater confidence surrounding multimedia communication, identifying and pitching stories, and connecting with editors.
  • Learn techniques for conducting incisive interviews, gathering salient information, and writing compelling narratives with with clarity and style.
  • Build knowledge of the legal requirements and ethical responsibilities in journalism.
  • Develop deeper understanding in focused topic areas, such as international security, nonprofit management, legal studies, and environmental policy.
  • Compliment your journalism coursework with marketing and business communications courses to prepare for a career in business, nonprofit management, or consulting—because all industries need to tell compelling stories. 

Program Overview

The master’s degree includes 12 courses, with at least one on campus.

  • Get started. You begin by completing three admission courses from the program curriculum. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your commitment and ability to perform well as a Harvard student.
  • Apply to the program. While you are completing your third admission course, you submit your application. We have application periods in the fall, spring, and summer.
  • Continue your studies, online and on campus. As you progress through the program, you choose from courses offered on campus or online, in the fall, spring, or summer. To fully experience Harvard, you are required to take at least one course on campus as part of your degree. Short, intensive on-campus options are available.
  • Complete your capstone project. You apply knowledge and skills obtained in the program to complete a significant journalism project under the direction of a professional in the field. You'll conduct an in-depth investigation of a single topic and emerge with a portfolio of publishable work that can include short digital media pieces, as well as longer news or magazine articles. 
  • Graduate with your Harvard degree. You participate in the annual Harvard Commencement, receiving your Harvard University degree: Master of Liberal Arts (ALM) in extension studies, field: Journalism.  

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Affordability is core to our mission. Our 2016–17 graduate tuition is $2,550 per course; the total tuition cost of earning the graduate degree is approximately $30,600.

There are a number of financial aid options available once you’re admitted to the program.