Find biographies of Harvard Extension School faculty. We recruit the best out there to teach for us. In fact, 96 percent of our alumni say they are satisfied with the quality of instructors.
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Philip Anthony Vaccaro, PhD Professor of Marketing and Decision Sciences, Salem State University. Vaccaro teaches:
Salil P. Vadhan, PhD Vicky Joseph Professor of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, Harvard University. Vadhan teaches:
Joyce Van Dyke, PhD PlaywrightLecturer in Extension, Harvard University. Van Dyke teaches:
Cheryl D. Vaughan, PhD Lecturer on Molecular and Cellular Biology, Harvard University. Vaughan teaches:
Rosa A. Veguilla, PhD Preceptor in Molecular and Cellular Biology, Harvard University. Veguilla teaches:
Mary-Anne Vetterling, PhD Professor of Spanish, Regis College. Vetterling teaches:
Alain Viel, PhD Senior Lecturer on Molecular and Cellular Biology, Harvard University. Viel teaches:
Justin Vincent, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow in Neurobiology, Harvard Medical School. Vincent teaches:
Andrea L. Volpe, PhD Lecturer in Writing, Boston University. Volpe teaches:
Alexander von Hoffman, PhD Lecturer on Urban Planning and Design, Harvard Graduate School of Design. von Hoffman teaches:
Agnes Vorbrodt, MArch, ALM Principal, VvS Architects & Consultants. Vorbrodt teaches: