Find biographies of Harvard Extension School faculty. We recruit the best out there to teach for us. In fact, 96 percent of our alumni say they are satisfied with the quality of instructors.
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David Abbruzzese, Jr., BSEE. Abbruzzese teaches:
Siddiq M. Abdullah, PhD. Senior Lecturer on Economics, University of Massachusetts, Boston. Abdullah teaches:
Deborah Abel, AB. Software Developer, Ab Initio. Abel teaches:
Amitai Abramovitch, PhD. Research Fellow in Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School. Abramovitch teaches:
Arkhat Abzhanov, PhD. Associate Professor of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University. Abzhanov teaches:
Jerusha Achterberg, MPH. Preceptor in Expository Writing, Harvard University. Achterberg teaches:
Gary Adamkiewicz, PhD. Assistant Professor of Environmental Health and Exposure Disparities, Harvard School of Public Health. Adamkiewicz teaches:
Remo Airaldi, AB. Lecturer on Dramatic Arts, Harvard University. Airaldi teaches:
Adam J. Aja, PhD. Assistant Curator of Collections, Semitic Museum, Harvard University. Aja teaches:
Thomas Akbari, MA. Lecturer in English, Northeastern University. Akbari teaches:
Jameel Habeeb Al-Aidroos, PhD. Senior Preceptor in Mathematics, Harvard University. Al-Aidroos teaches:
Sami Alkyam, PhD. Preceptor in Arabic, Harvard University. Alkyam teaches:
Charles Bradford Allen, PhD. Associate Professor of Management, Plymouth State University. Allen teaches:
Joseph Allen, DSc. Assistant Professor of Exposure Assessment Science, Harvard School of Public Health. Allen teaches:
William J. Anderson, PhD. Senior Lecturer on Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology, Harvard University. Anderson teaches:
Margaret C. Andrews, MS. Vice Provost, Hult International Business School. Andrews teaches:
Alicia Anstead, MA. Editor-in-Chief, The Writer. Anstead teaches:
Katherine Arbour, ALM. Senior Director of Clinical Data Management, ARIAD Pharmaceuticals. Arbour teaches:
David Arias, EdD. Arias teaches:
Daniel Armendariz, MS. Preceptor in Computer Science, Harvard University. Armendariz teaches:
Alison Arnett, BS. Freelance food writer and editor. Arnett teaches:
Ali S. Asani, PhD. Professor of Indo-Muslim and Islamic Religion and Cultures, Harvard University. Asani teaches:
Nicholas A. Ashford, PhD. Professor of Technology and Policy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Visiting Scientist in Enviromental Health, Harvard School of Public Health. Ashford teaches:
Yvette R. Austin Smith, MBA. Principal, The Brattle Group. Austin Smith teaches:
C. Bülent Aybar, PhD. Professor of International Finance, Southern New Hampshire University. Aybar teaches: